Project Description

Murdoch Chiropractic Clinic

Google Virtual Tour for Clinics.

Google Virtual Tour for Clinics.

Don’t let Customers put their necks out looking for the right clinic, let them see all your clinic has to offer. This Google Virtual Tour showcases this modern evidence-based teaching clinic that offers high quality patient centered care with no referral needed.

Crux Development was approached to help Murdoch University to show their facilities in a virtual manner which puts back the human touch. Murdoch’s facilities are also available via their own informative yet engaging virtual tour which is now being used to market and attract new students.

By using our services, Murdoch Chiropractic Clinic can show off its spacious therapeutics facility, rehabilitation gym, and digital radiographic suite.

No props or special lighting are required, so your normal business activity will go uninterrupted. In addition, we will work with your schedule to ensure that photos aren’t taken at an inconvenient time.

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